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  • Victim Quick Response Program +

    The Victim Quick Response Program is administered by Victim Service providers in the province of Ontario and established by the Ministry of the Attorney General to provide timely assistance to victims of the most violent crimes.

  • Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario

    Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario (VCAO) assists people in a crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days …

About Us


Victim Services Huron Perth is dedicated to providing short term emotional support, practical assistance and community referrals to victims of crime, trauma and tragic circumstance in partnership with community and emergency services.


Early intervention and support may assist individuals to cope with the aftermath of crime or tragic circumstance in the longer-term by relieving distress, supporting personal autonomy, and restoring self-reliance.


All services will be provided in a client centered and culturally competent manner. Victim Services Huron Perth is committed to empowering all clients. We recognize that the client is the decision-maker and Victim Services Huron Perth will offer support in the process of making informed decisions.


Victim Services Huron Perth believes in and incorporates the values of being; Compassionate; Confidential; Courteous; Respectful; Self Reliant; Non-judgemental and Empowering towards all interactions with others. 


Who is a Victim?

A victim is any person whose life has been affected by a criminal act, tragic circumstance or disaster, regardless of severity.
Trauma has an impact on everyone – especially the victim. However, victims of crime and their families and friends may also require support following a crime. We are here to help them too. Victims come in all shapes and sizes.

Contact Us

Please note this is not an emergency response service. For emergencies, call 911

    Your information is completely confidential.

    Victim Services Huron Perth Contact Number – 519-600-4108

    Victim Services Huron Perth Contact Email – info@victimserviceshuronperth.ca