What is the Beyond the Locker Room Pledge?

The Beyond the Locker Room Pledge Program is an initiative brought forward by Victim Services Huron Perth and the Stratford Police Service with support from both Huron and Perth County O.P.P. focused on ending Gender-Based Violence in our Community. This program involves an education component conducted by one of the supporting agencies, followed by a public pledge by the organization to do the following:

  • Be positive role models in the locker room and our community.
  • Constantly educate ourselves and others on how to combat gender based violence.
  • Recognize our privilege in the roles we hold, and use our platform to promote the voices of others
  • To recognize, challenge, and correct behavior we witness in our community that contributes to gender based violence.

The program comes free of charge with the only cost being the time and effort required to make a lasting impact in our community. Organizations, groups, or individuals who take the pledge will receive a framed copy of their commitment as well as items to remind them of these goals going forward.

To get involved, reach out to us at INFO@VICTIMSERVICESHURON.CA .

Thank You to the Following Groups Who Have Signed on and Taken the Beyond the Locker Room Pledge!